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Competitive (U13 - U21)

Competitive U13 to U21

Program Details: 

Location: Lancer Dome Lasalle Secondary School

Start: Competitive U13 to U21 has started and you can join this week!


Time / Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday  
7pm to 8pm  U12 + U13 Boys and Girls (YOB 2009 and 2010) Rec.  U13 Boys + U14 Boys (YOB 2009 and 2008)  U13 Girls and U15 Girls (YOB 2009 and 2007/08)  
8pm to 9pm  U17 Boys + U21 Men (YOB 2005 and 2004 to 2001) U15 Boys + U16 Boys (YOB 2007 and 2006) U17 Girls (YOB 2006 and 2005)  



Please note that:

- U6 and U7 Boys and Girls play together

- U8/9  to U12/13 Boys and Girls will play at the same time but be separated into gender based groups at the field



U3,U4,U5 (YOB 2019,2018,2017) - $125 *

U6 + U7 (YOB 2016 and 2015) - $125

U8 + U9 (YOB 2014 and 2013) - $150

U10 + U11 (YOB 2012 and 2011) - $175

U12 + U13 (YOB 2010 and 2009) - $175

U13 - U21 (Competitive) - $215 

*Note that the time for U3,U4,U5 is yet to be confirmed, it is currently scheduled to be played on Saturday or Sunday morning


Length of Program: 

U3,U4,U5 (2019,2018,2017) -7 weeks

U6 + U7 (YOB 2016 and 2015) - 7 weeks

U8 + U9 (YOB 2014 and 2013) - 7 weeks

U10 + U11 (YOB 2012 and 2011) - 7 weeks

U12 + U13 (YOB 2010 and 2009) - 7 weeks

U13 - U21 (Competitive) - 8 weeks remaining



We are limited in capacity for ALL ages - get your registration in early to ensure your spot in our programs. Our registration is limited by the spots in each program. If you arrive at the end and find a sold out sign, your age group is sold out. Please email at that point to be put on a wait list


Other Notes: 

We are still trying to secure a second soccer session per week for all age groups, this session would be played on weekends (Saturday or Sunday). If we can get a second time confirmed, anyone who registers here, will have the option to pay an additional fee to join one of the weekend programs in addition to the week night.