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Indoor Soccer

Indoor Adult Soccer Leagues are Sold Out! Please email if you have questions

Indoor Soccer Information (All programs)

Lancer Dome is Open to Community Use!


The GSSC has booked times and are finalizing details for ALL our groups to get back playing soccer during the spring!

Programs and their details are below:


Grassroots and Competitive (U3 to U21):


Program Details: 

Location: Lancer Dome Lasalle Secondary School

Start: U3 to U13 Developmental Starts Week of March 28th. U13 to U21 Competitive has begun and you can join this week



Time / Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday  
6pm to 7pm U6 + U7 (YOB 2016 and 2015) U8 + U9 (YOB 2014 and 2013) U10 / U11 (YOB 2012+2011)  
7pm to 8pm  U12 + U13 Boys and Girls (YOB 2009 and 2010) U13 Boys + U14 Boys (YOB 2009 and 2008)  U13 Girls and U15 Girls (YOB 2009 and 2007/08)  
8pm to 9pm  U17 Boys + U21 Men (YOB 2005 and 2004 to 2001) U15 Boys + U16 Boys (YOB 2007 and 2006) U17 Girls (YOB 2006 and 2005)  


Please note that:

- U6 and U7 Boys and Girls play together

- U8/9  to U12/13 Boys and Girls will play at the same time but be separated into gender based groups at the field



U3,U4,U5 (YOB 2019,2018,2017) - $125 *

U6 + U7 (YOB 2016 and 2015) - $125

U8 + U9 (YOB 2014 and 2013) - $150

U10 + U11 (YOB 2012 and 2011) - $175

U12 + U13 (YOB 2010 and 2009) - $175

U13 - U21 (Competitive) - $215 

*Note that the time for U3,U4,U5 is yet to be confirmed, it is currently scheduled to be played on Saturday or Sunday morning


Length of Program: 

U3,U4,U5 (2019,2018,2017) -7 weeks

U6 + U7 (YOB 2016 and 2015) - 7 weeks

U8 + U9 (YOB 2014 and 2013) - 7 weeks

U10 + U11 (YOB 2012 and 2011) - 7 weeks

U12 + U13 (YOB 2010 and 2009) - 7 weeks

U13 - U21 (Competitive) - 8 weeks remaining



We are limited in capacity for ALL ages - get your registration in early to ensure your spot in our programs. Our registration is limited by the spots in each program. If you arrive at the end and find a sold out sign, your age group is sold out. Please email at that point to be put on a wait list


Other Notes: 

We are still trying to secure a second soccer session per week for all age groups, this session would be played on weekends (Saturday or Sunday). If we can get a second time confirmed, anyone who registers here, will have the option to pay an additional fee to join one of the weekend programs in addition to the week night.




We are planning to offer Men's league soccer (6 v 6) and Co Ed Soccer (6 v 6).  


Our adult indoor soccer leagues will consist of the following: 


1.      Start Thursday, March 31st 

2.      1 game per week played each Thursday night between 6pm and 9pm

3.      8 week season (8 Games)

4.      Games will be held at Lancer Dome

5.      Maximum Roster for 6 v 6 teams is 12

6.      For Co Ed 2 female player must be on the field at all times


Cost for the season is: 

$1,500 if you do not require jerseys to be provided

$300 additional if you would like jerseys to be provided for your team 



Please note all teams must have clearly identifiable numbers on the back of their jersey and a distinct colour (1 jersey should be different for the goalkeeper)- Please email with your jersey colour to let us know once it is determined

If there are jersey conflicts, we will have pinnies available to be worn by the away team


Free Agents:

If you do not have a team, you can once again register as a free agent for free and we will try to match you up with a team in need of players


COVID 19 Safety: 

On a final note, vaccinations are NOT required to participate in the adult indoor soccer league HOWEVER each player is expected to follow the strict COVID 19 safety protocols in place which will be communicated to each team prior to play.