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Programs Offered by the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club

U8 Mixed Developmental Soccer - $225

This division consists of both U7 and U8 age groups. Coaches focus on the FUNdamentals as per their certification and teaching. Activities are designed to develop physical literacy (the innate athletic ability) and to give the kids plenty of time with a ball. 

This age is taught the essentials and basics of soccer under the guidance of a certified coach teaching age-appropriate items. 

U10 Developmental Soccer - $275

This division is a combination of the U9 and U10 age divisions. players on the field increase from 5 (4+1 goalie) to 7 (6 + goalie).

The focus is still on the fundamentals, however, players are introduced to proper development/training methods. This includes a stronger focus in the physical literacy development of the children, and an introduction to early concepts of positioning and support, both important parts of teamwork.

The basics are still taught, only at a slightly higher level, challenging the players all while keeping things fun with plenty of game-like activities and time on the ball. 

U12 Developmental Soccer - $275

This division holds to the same principles as U10, as they fall within the same age range of the "learn to train" model from Ontario Soccer. 

However, the number of players on the field increase again from 7 to 9 (8 +goalie). This allows coaches to begin to teach the 3 tier concept of positioning in game-like situations and continue to give each player equal opportunity to play all 9 positions. 

This not only ensures diversity in their responsibilities but also helps players develop empathy for positions they may not understand fully at this point in their playing career. 

Age- appropriate activities and teachings are adhered to by all GSSC certified coaching staff. 

U14 and U16 Developmental Soccer - $280

These divisions are a new addition to the GSSC program list. The goal behind their introduction is to increase player retention after the U12 age division, in the hopes that we keep players active, and learning as they transition into high school. 

This not only provides them somewhere to play but also offers a continuation of previous development methods GSSC's has taught in the past, allowing them to properly grow as players regardless of their secondary, and post-secondary sports aspirations. 

This is the beginning towards developing athletes for life, and instilling the importance of physical activity and continued education whether it be in the classroom or out on the field.