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Frequently Asked Questions

What division is my child in?

When determining what age division your son or daughter will be in, please refer to the following guide for the 2017-2018 season:

  • U6 - Born in 2012 
  • U8  - Born in 2010 or 2011
  • U10 - Born in 2008 or 2009
  • U12 - Born in 2006 or 2007
  • U14 - Born in 2004 or 2005
  • U16 - Born in 2002 or 2003

When I register online it won't let me select my child's division, but will show an age below, why?

Our online registration system is preset to categorize players by their year of birth. 

For example, if U10 consists of 2008 and 2007 born children and your son or daughter was born in 2008 - It will show up as "U9"

Do not be alarmed, this is the way the system was designed. We manually process much of the registration information after you complete it online and we ensure that all those within the (for example) 2008 and 2007 years are properly categorized as "U10" players. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with any additional questions. 

I would like to register my child online but am going through jumpstart or other assistance programs for help paying the fee, what do I do?

In circumstances such as this, we have set up a "pay offline" code that will allow verified registration cases to skip the required payment step as they are receiving assistance from a program like Jumpstart. 

If this applies to you, please have your jumpstart or alternative program application submitted and email us with some form of proof/confirmation that you have applied. We will then provide you with the offline payment code. 

In the event this code is used by someone incorrectly, please contact us immediately, otherwise, your child may not be allowed to participate until payment has been received, or proof of assistance has been provided.

There is an option to enter a discount code, do I qualify?

Right now discounts are only available  to the following:

1. Sibling/family discount
2. First-time registrants to GSSC from the Girls Development Program

Should you have any questions or qualify for an online discount please email

What nights of the week does my child play?

The playing nights are determined as: 

U8 - U12 -  Monday and Wednesday nights 

U13 and Older - Tuesday and Thursday nights

Please continue to check our site for any and all updates. 

What fields will my child be playing at?

To help give a general idea this was last year's field allocation:

U8 - Robinson park, Lansing Park, Delki Dozi
U10 - Robinson Park, Rotary Park, James Jerome Mini Field
U12 Boys - Adamsdale Park
U12 Girls - Sudbury Secondary School Field

For more information on these field's locations, please visit our "fields" page under the "more" tab on the far right. 

What/when is the summer camp, and how can I register?

What are your office hours for the summer?

These haven't been determined as of yet, however, there will be two evenings a week that we will be open until 8-8:30 pm. 

This will be updated along with the "contact us" page with office hours once they are set.

I would like to coach my child's team, or Volunteer as a non-parent coach, how do I get started?